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An excellent tool for learning spoken Japanese in a faster and easier way
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Learning Japanese is extremely easy now. With Learn to Speak Japanese, you can learn spoken Japanese and improve your vocabulary right at your computer while doing other work. Learn to Speak Japanese is an excellent software product with which you can learn Japanese words, phrases, idioms and expressions easily.

It provides you with tools like Reader Angel, Words Manager and Conversation Kit. Its Reader Angel reads an entire article for you, you just need to copy the article in the text field and use Microsoft TTS to read it.
With its Words Manager, you can view and learn around 850 words of basic vocabulary which are categorized under various categories like Art, Construction and Communication etc. You can also add new words and edit/remove existing words from Words Manager. With its Conversation Kit, you can learn most of the ordinary scene conversations like greeting, shopping, phone calls etc. One of the coolest features of this program is that it presents basic vocabulary with pronunciation in the upper portion of your screen at the time when you are using you computer and thus helps you in remembering words while you are doing other work. Learn To Speak Japanese is pretty easy to use in general. Interestingly, this useful Japanese learning software product is free to try.

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  • Enables you to learn Japanese words, phrases, idioms etc. easily
  • Provides you with Reader Angel and a dictionary
  • Provides you with a vocabulary builder that contains around 3800 basic words and allows you to add/update/remove words
  • Compatible with most of Windows OS
  • Can be used by novice computer users


  • Does not work on Linux and Mac OS
  • Lacks video learning tools
  • Not a free product
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